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Offline Marketing Tips

Offline Marketing Campaign

Offline Marketing means advertising or marketing of your products through printed documents or direct contact. Even though, with the emerging of the modern technologies such as Web Site, online social media network and online marketing programme... please note that the Offline Marketing will never die! It is extremely important, it's not dead and will always be required on the earth.. The list of offline marketing items are listed below.

Mug Printing

  • Standard Mug Printing
  • Non-Standard Mug Printing
  • Why Mug Printing?
  • Mug Printing Technology
  • Mug Samples

Banner & Bunting

  • Why use Banner & Bunting?
  • Banner Bunting Material.
  • Banner Samples.
  • Bunting Samples.
  • Bunting Stand Samples.
  • Street Bunting Install
  • What is Backdrop


  • What is Booklet?
  • Booklet Material.
  • Instant Digital Booklet.
  • Offset Booklet.
  • Advantages of Booklet.

Corporate Uniform

  • What is Corporate Uniform?
  • Corporate Uniform Samples.
  • How to Order Uniform

T-Shirt & Jersey

  • T-Shirts Samples.
  • Effective T-shirt Design.
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Heatpress Printing

Rubber Stamp

  • What is Rubber Stamp?
  • Benefits of Rubber Stamp.
  • Size of Rubber Stamp.
  • Self-Ink Stamps

Flash Stamp

  • What is Flash Stamp?
  • Benefits of Flash Stamp.
  • Size of Flash Stamp.


  • Why use Sticker
  • Sticker Type & Usage
  • Sticker Sample
  • Sticker Pricing


  • What the available souvenirs?
  • Why souvenrs important?
  • Souvenirs Pricing.