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Online Marketing Tips

Clearly!! All companies or business need to consider moving to online marketing strategy. So many benefits of doing the online marketing and the main benefits are Fast! Faster!! and Fastest!! Changes can be done online and immediately without charges! Let's say you caught some errors on your printed Flyers or Brochures, then of course you need to spend more money for the correction and issuing new copy, however with online advertisement you don't need extra charges.. Update is free and can be done instantly on your Web Site, Facebook, Google page or others.. Furthermore, with online marketing, you would be able to record your customer data online, monitor online and plan future advertising for existing and new targetted customers, all this can be done with Analytic tool such the famous Google Analytic. There are four (4) ways of online marketing method which are 1) Creating Web Site, 2) Online Social Network or Media, 3) Placing Ads online and 4) Using e-mail.


This is a very effective step of online marketing which is to create a Web site. The first question before creating your own website is what is your budget for your website? Do you just need a simple website? A Simple website is good enough for your marketing and advertising of your product, It would normally cause between RM500 to RM1500. But with a simple website, you might get lower spec and functions, for example you will get less SEO (Search Engine Optimization) function, less Design spec and etc.. so you will miss to get the top result in the Search Engine like Google. However, it's good start since you could just think about upgrading later on should you want it in future time.. Read this section to understand why you must have your own website.. Don't just depend on your facebook and blogger.. They are good but you need more.. trust me! Basically, the Web Site development package can be categorized as the following below.

Web Site Packages - SME Basic is a good start!

  • SME Basic Package - Special offer from us with just RM500!! Contact us for more detail.
  • SME High Impact Package.
  • Corporate Package.
  • Super Corporate Package.

A Great and Effective website need extra investment and a little bit expensive which the price would go from RM3500 and above! The prices increased due things like Responsive View in mobile, First Class Web Design, the number of Graphic Design, CRM, Online Forum, Online Registration, Integration with other social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Page, etc), Widgets, Online Ads Campaign, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and many more functions.. If you are a web blogger or web site builder and you really want to implement SEO in your own web site or your client web site, then please read this topic: Implementing the SEO in your website. Otherwise, better get an expert for implementing the SEO in your website, in order to see your web page getting higher ranking in search engine like Google and Yahoo. It's all about Web Page ranking for effective and successful web site!


Mandatory to have this for your business!! Social Media has been the First Choice for online marketing all the time... and the most affordable since it is Free!! Facebook is free.. Twitter is free.. YouTube is free.. Google Page is free.. Blogger is free.. Wordpress is free.. Instagram is free.. WhatSapp is free.. Telegram is free.. and most of the famous online social media is absolutely free otherwise people will leave it! Okay, among all these Social Media, which are more superior than other? Which one should you choose? since too many options available..

The answer is too subjective, it depends on you actually.. However we suggest you to have a Facebook account and Google Page !! These two are very powerful.. However still many people have less awareness about the advantages of using Google page :( Twitter and Instagram should be considered as well.. Whatsapp and Telegram? Yes.. please install and download them right away if you haven't done so yet since many people have been using the mobile apps now.. By end of 2016, it has been forecasted that people will use the mobile apps extensively.. and a lot of businesses have started creating their own mobile apps now..


Placing Ads online means that you place the advertisement of your product or services on other Web sites.. Many popular Advertisement Websites which have heavy traffic or a lot of visitors would normally have this programme. The most common is facebook ads, mudah.my, majalah.com, amazon.com, malaysiakini.com, utusan.com.my, bharian.com.my, putraperdana.com.my and many many others. Some of them are free and some others need to pay. Besides, if you have several friends who have their own Websites, then maybe you should discuss and negotiate with them to promote your advertisement on their website.. Furthermore, If you want to earn revenue while placing your ads online at the same time, then you may want to consider the Google AdSense programme. Click on the Google AdSense link here if you want to know more about it.


This is a traditional way of online marketing.. It seems boring but sometimes can be so effective. Normally, we will use this way to invite others to visit our Web site, facebook or whatever online social media that we have been using. It is easy to do which you just need to get the emails of the potential customers or maybe some random emails.. then just write a few nice words about your products or services and finally put a link to your website or blogger, hoping that they will click on it hopefully..


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