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Why Banner & Bunting are So Important?

We will discuss a little bit about Banner & Bunting. Banner & bunting is very important for Advertising and Marketing of your product & services in order to reach your potential customers. Many of the customers normally would get influenced by the banner ads before they proceed to enter your shop or buy your product or services. The objective of banner & bunting advertisement is to get quick impact or result!! Banner can be printed with a different range of color resolution (dpi) and can be used in different situations whether it be hanging by rope, fixed to wall or even free standing.

Banner & Bunting Material

  • Tarpaulin 300gsm - Outdoor
  • Tarpaulin 380gsm - Outdoor - (Standard for Outdoor)
  • Tarpaulin 440gsm - Outdoor
  • Synthetic Paper - Indoor
  • Synthetic Paper & Matt Lamination - Indoor (Standard for Indoor)

Banner & Bunting Printing Resolution

  • 600dpi for Outdoor - (Standard for Outdoor)
  • 720dpi for Outdoor / Indoor
  • 1200dpi for Outdoor / Indoor (Standard for Indoor)

Banner & Bunting Sample!

Bunting Stand

The most popular bunting stand is Tripod and Roll-up. Tripod is suitable for any bunting material such as tarpaulin and synthetic paper. But, the Roll-up bunting is only suitable to be used with Synthetic paper, the reason is if the tarpaulin is used with roll-up, then the banner/bunting will looks untidy (dents) after several times you do the rolling. Different with synthetic paper, because the synthetic paper material is rough, thicker and made for roll-up. Another type of bunting stand are X stand and Korean Stand. However, for easy use, we really suggest the Tripod and Roll-up stand.

The Most Common Choice - Bunting Stand!!

Roll-up Stand
Tripod Stand
Round-Base Stand


Well, you might be wondering what is Backdrop? What differs it with bunting stand? The answer is simple, backdrop is the stand for banner which the width of the banner is wider than bunting. Standard bunting size is 2 feet width x 6 feet height. But for banner, it can be wider more, the Standard backdrop for banner can support until 8 feet width x 8 feet height! If you plan to use roll-up stand style for banner, yes we do that and the max size for rollup stand for banner is 8 feet width x 6.8 feet height (but price is bit higher).

Okay, let's say you are going to have an event and need a big banner to be put on the stage, the best size is 20ft x 10ft. Okay, so what you need here is Large Banner + Custom Wood Backdrop. Click on the link below, for the custom backdrop and large banner that we install at Putrajaya - Backdrop Putrajaya. But please take note that this backdrop is just for short-term use for the specific event, then after the event is over, you need to dismantle and throw away the backdrop (wood) to dump.

Large Banner - Inkjet Printing!! Whatever size is.

Display & Promotional Items

The Display items that we provide are the Promotional Table and Pop-up Stand. Please see the image below for the detail specification of the available options that you can have. We provide the design, printing and installation services for these items. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact or whatsapp us at 013-363 4002.

The questions that you should answer before order!

  • Is the banner/bunting is for indoor or outdoor use?
  • How long are you planning to use this banner / bunting? Is it for long-term, just for a few weeks/months or just for one-time event?
  • How do you want to hang or display the banner / bunting? or do you need a stand? or structure to hold the banner?
  • Where do you want to put or hang the banner / bunting? Inside your shop? Outside? or do you plan to apply the permit license for street bunting / banner for 50pcs to 100pcs of street bunting and install them in the same area near to your business center?

Let us answer you the above questions!!

  • INDOOR use means to use within or nearby your shop or premise where people can see it from short distance and even can touch the banner / bunting. The quality of printing resolution (dpi) is very important because your design or images must look sharp without color degradation or color fade. Always use synthetic paper for the banner material.
  • OUTDOOR is for outside of building area where mostly people will see it from long distance and the quality of printing resolution (dpi) is not really matter nor important as long as people can see from far.
  • MATERIAL Selection - If you plan to use your banner and bunting for outdoor + 6 months & less, since you might need to change the design later on, then you just need 380gsm tarpaulin + 600dpi printing resolution.
  • MATERIAL Selection - If you plan to use your banner and bunting for outdoor + 3 years, then you need a little bit more expensive 380gsm tarpaulin + 1200dpi printing resolution with HP LATEX. Another expensive option is synthetic paper matt + 1200dpi. Please take note, after 3 or 4 years, the color of banner may fade away due to the sunlight. UV Printing is the solution for this but too expensive the cost, then better you print a new design + new promotion after 3 years!!
  • MATERIAL Selection - If you plan to use your banner and bunting for indoor, the only option is synthetic paper matt + 1200dpi. Just remember that for indoor use, the most suitable material is synthetic paper with high dpi, 1200dpi.
  • FINISING of bunting / banner - please plan accordingly and inform us how do you want to hang your banner / bunting? If you want the bunting / banner with rope at each 4 corner for you to tight it, then we need to create the 4 holes (eyelet) at each 4 corner. Or maybe you want the bunting to have the stick (plastic/wood) on top of it with a thin rope (like thread) so you can hang it on the wall. Or you maybe want the bunting to be used with the stands, such as Tripod stand, T-Round stand, X-Stand or Roll-up stand.
  • STREET BUNTING PERMIT - If you need our consultancy to help you apply the license permit for street bunting / banner, then we can help you to apply with Majlis Perbandaran (City Council), and then we will install the bunting under lamp post at some strategic areas. We also will remove the bunting once they have expired or even renew the permit if you plan to renew again. My suggestion is to have at least 50pcs of bunting for your street bunting campaign!! We already helped many of customers to succeed in this campaign with very much positive result!! If you have a business, then you must do this street bunting campaign!! Then just wait your sales will doubled up!!