Bill Book & Receipt Book

NCR Bill Book

We design and print the NCR Bill Book. The NCR Bill book is used for invoice or receipt payment, salary voucher, payment voucher for the purpose of recording the transaction payment activity. For each transaction ID or numbering, there is at least 2 or more similar duplicate paper or we normally call "ply", which 1 copy will be given to customer while the remaining ply(s) will be kept by the issuer for accounting or recording purpose.

Please ensure you have the billbook design already before proceed to printing, if you do not have any design, then we can help in designing your bill book. The Charge for bill book design is RM150 per 1 design. The printing process for NCR Bill book will takes some times roughly around 6 days to 8 days. The minimum order is 10 books, which each book will have 50 set, so the total set is 500 quantity, which also means 500 different numbering starting from 0001 until 0500. In future, if you want for re-order, then please tell us the last numbering, so we will start your new numbering from 0501 and onwards.

NCR Bill Book Selection..

  • The available size are = 4" x 8"(107mm x 196mm), 8" x 9"(196mm x 222mm), A5 Size(146mm x 222mm), A4 Size(222mm x 298mm). The mostly ordered is the A5 Size. The bigger size dimension will cause more price.
  • The available number of ply (duplicates paper) are = 2ply, 3ply, 4ply, 5ply. The most standard ply is 2ply. More ply will cause higher price.
  • The available ply colour are = White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green. By default, we will follow this color sequence for your ply color selection. For example if you choose 2 ply, then we will choose White and Pink color by default unless if you insist to choose a different color.

Type B is the Most Popular!!

Pad Type or Stapler Style - Important Read!

  • Type A - Pad Left = This the simplest type but beware the bill book has no cover and no preforation line (garisan putus-putus) and no stapler. So, the bill book is pad or glued at the left side.
  • Type B - Preforation Line + Stapler Left = This is the standard order. There is "garisan putus-putus" and stapler on left side. This is the best option.
  • Type C - Pad Top = Same as Pad Left, except that the pad is glued from top.
  • Type D - Preforation Line + Stapler Top = Same as Type B, except the stapler is at the top side.