Art Card Special Effects - Must Read!

Matt Lamination

Matt Lamination gives a tactile finish (smooth) to the name card, posters, brochure or others and also add the protection from discolouring. Matte Lamination is the most popular Laminate of choice which the advantages lies on the Texture which is Smooth Touch! So, what is the difference between having laminate and not? Then, the answer is Protection + Smooth Touch! Try tearing the name card with Laminate finishing and then with non-laminated, see how the Matt Laminate protect it.

Gloss Lamination & Ivory Card

Gloss Lamination gives a Clear and Shiny looks to the name card, posters or others plus its greater protection. If you decide to laminate your large posters then please be aware that sometimes, the gloss lamination can cause glare to "some" picture or photo, this depends on the picture design.

For Business Card, for budget + effective business card we suggest that you choose the Ivory Card which is the 230gsm. With Glossy art card and Ivory Card it does looks nice "naturally" with its shiny looks and save your money.

Spot UV

Spot UV Printing is actually a Coating technique for printed materials and it is not really a printing technique. It applies a UV light to "cure" a varnish that is applied to "specific area" on the art cards. The "specific area" could be the logo, specific text or maybe picture. This will create a stylish and shiny effect on that area, extra protection on that "specific area" and thus drawing attention to that "specific area". Spot UV printing normally is applied on Business Card, Name Card, Flyers, Brochure, Mockup and etc. Spot UV printing can also be applied after Matte Lam finishing.

Hot Stamping

Don't get confused between Hot Stamping and Spot UV, though some people really did. Usually, Hot Stamping can be either Gold Stamping or Silver Stamping applied to your art card. The Hot Stamping can be applied for Logo or Text on your art card or name card. The result is the area with Hot Stamping effect will create sharpen touch, eye-catching and professional looks! Just remember your Hard Cover Printing document that you submit during your Final Year Project right? The printing on that hard cover is actually a Hot Stamping technique.

Rounded Corner Cards

Well, nothing so high-tech about this rather than your art card such as business card will have rounded corner which add extra nice looks. We will apply manual cut and there is extra charges for cutting.

Type of Art Cards - We suggest!

There is various art card thickness, and we want to suggest you to choose from art card 220gsm, 230gsm, 260gsm and 310gsm. We never suggest you choose lower than 220gsm you know why? because that thickness is horrible for a business card exchange with your networking people. Remember the business card will give the first impression of yourself to others.

Okay, so how about the most budget but still looks nice and shiny? Then you just choose the 230gsm Ivory card or 230gsm glossy art card since this card looks more shiny. However, some people really care about the thickness of the card, then you should choose the 260gsm art card or 310gsm so that maybe people who receive your business card will keep that longer..