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Flyer and Brochure

Brochure can be referred as same as Flyers
Brochure can be referred as same as Flyers

Flyer or Brochure (leaflet) is a very effective marketing strategy. Flyer standard form are Single Flyer, two-fold flyer (brochure) and tri-fold flyer (brochure). Please click here to see what is the Flyer & Brochure Type that you can order from us. If you plan to design & print your flyer with special folding type, then click this link. Besides, we also provide Flyer's Distribution Services mainly in the area near Cyberjaya & Putrajaya.

Free Lamination!! Do I need Flyer with Matt Lam?

Our Standard Flyer's Material are 128gsm and 157gsm art paper and you can choose whether to add Matt Lamination finishing for FREE on your flyer or NOT. Okay, what is the difference? If you choose to add Matt Laminate finishing, then you will have extra protection, water-resistance, difficult to tear it and durablity of the flyer is increased BUT you will lose the glossy looks on the flyer a little bit. So, if you prefer to maintain the glossy and shiny looks at the maximum quality, then don't choose Matt Laminate finishing!

We Design & Print your Flyer or Brochure !!

Brochure Design
Brochure Printing

Before & After

Design Phase
After Printing!!

Two-Fold, Tri Fold & Long Brochure

This is Tri-Fold Flyer
This is Tri-Fold Flyer The most popular is Tri-Fold A4 Brochure

mesh2_new.jpg Both Flyer and Brochure are actually means the same thing but what differs between flyer and brochure is that brochure is always referred by people when the flyers is either two-fold or tri-fold flyer. Another name for brochure is leaflet. The standard size are A3 Size, A4 size and A5 size. However, the Long Brochure which are in A2 Size and A1 Size are also availabe and they must be designed and printed with Special Folding Type. Click the link here. Please also take note that for each folding style, there is additional charges.

Flyer Type & Selection - Very Important!!

Type & Size Material (Matt Art Paper) Size Guide Min Order Special Folding Type
Flyer A5 128gsm
148mm x 210mm 600pcs n/a
Flyer A4 128gsm
210mm x 297mm 500pcs n/a
Flyer A3 128gsm
297mm x 420mm 500pcs n/a
Brochure A5 128gsm
600pcs Half Fold, Letter Fold, Roll Fold (See here)
Brochure A4 128gsm
500pcs Half Fold, Letter Fold, Roll Fold, Cross Fold (See here)
Brochure A3 128gsm
500pcs Half Fold, Accordion Fold 3, Cross Fold, Accordion Fold 4, Letter Fold + Half Fold A, Letter Fold + Half Fold B, Accordion Fold 2 + Half Fold, Accordion Fold 3 + Half Fold, Roll Fold 3 + Half Fold, Half Fold + Letter Fold (See here)
Brochure A2 & A1 128gsm
See the available folding type at Special Folding Type link. 500pcs See the available folding type at Special Folding Type link.

A3 Tri-Fold Brochure with 230gsm Art Card

Tri-Fold Art Card - Restaurant Menu..
Tri-Fold Art Card - Restaurant Menu.. Other than Art Paper 128gsm and 157gsm, another thicker material Artcard 260gsm also available for A3 Size Flyer or Brochure. Contact us if you need more thicker material

Special Folding Type is available!!

Folding Type Layout Page Applicable Size
1. Half Fold A1 Size (840mmX594mm)
A2 Size (594mmX420mm)
A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
A4 Size (297mmX210mm)
A5 Size (210mmX148mm)
2. Letter Fold A1 Size (840mmX594mm)
A2 Size (594mmX420mm)
A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
A4 Size (297mmX210mm)
A5 Size (210mmX148mm)
3. Accordion Fold 2 A1 Size (840mmX594mm)
A2 Size (594mmX420mm)
A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
A4 Size (297mmX210mm)
4. Roll Fold 3 A1 Size (840mmX594mm)
A2 Size (594mmX420mm)
A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
A4 Size (297mmX210mm)
A5 Size (210mmX148mm)
5. Roll Fold 4 A1 Size (840mmX594mm)
A2 Size (594mmX420mm)
6. Accordion Fold 3 A1 Size (840mmX594mm)
A2 Size (594mmX420mm)
A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
7. Cross Fold A1 Size (840mmX594mm)
A2 Size (594mmX420mm)
A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
A4 Size (297mmX210mm)
8. Accordion Fold 4 A1 Size (840mmX594mm)
A2 Size (594mmX420mm)
A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
9. Letter Fold + Half Fold A A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
10. Letter Fold + Half Fold B A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
11. Accordion Fold 2 + Half Fold A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
12. Accordion Fold 3 + Half Fold A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
13. Roll Fold 3 + Half Fold A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
14. Half Fold + Letter Fold A3 Size (420mmX297mm)
15. Double Parallel Fold A1 Size (840mmX594mm)
A2 Size (594mmX420mm)

Folding & Creasing Line - Additional charges

two-fold brochure
two-fold brochure

Please take note that there is additional charges for each type of Special Folding Type and the number of creasing line as described above. The bigger the Flyer/Brochure open size, so the higher is the additional charges. The creasing line is the fold line that is required to be made so that the flyer can be folded without damaging the fold line. The maximum creasing line that you can have is 6 numbers. See Special Folding Type.

We can design your flyers and brochure!

Tips for effective Flyers Design

  • Ensure Flyer is attractive and eye-catching with Graphic Design + Colours + Stunning Words.. Like 98% discount!! and the person who see your flyers might be stunned!!
  • Get Graphic Designer to design your Flyers with Colours and Graphic Design technique, since they know better and more experience.. maybe you can design too but the result may not be same, unless you are designer or multimedia expert too..
  • Ensure your Flyer design is Easy to read.. Don't use difficult language or difficult English!.. Don't crowd your flyers with a lot of text.. Even you don't read it..
  • Use incentives like free gifts.. free that.. free this.. free for you!
  • Design Flyers with the right images or text.. Don't include picture of foods in your Hair Saloon's flyers..
  • Read the FLYER's topic for more knowledge.

Suggestion where to distibute your Flyers..

  • Library
  • Laundry or Dobi
  • Grocery Store
  • Pharmacy
  • Post Office
  • Religious Centre like Masjid or Church
  • Petrol or Gas Station
  • Cafe & Restaurant
  • School - Make sure you get the permission sometimes...
  • On cars in parking lot
  • Hotel Lobby
  • Community Center
  • Bar
  • Starbucks/Coffee Shops
  • Bakery
  • Restrooms??
  • Stuffed in diaper boxes at the store
  • Slid in magazines in the check out
  • Pet shop
  • Car repair shop
  • In your own car window (just make sure its not tinted… and people can read it)
  • Mail boxes.. this sure tiring..
  • Bus or Taxi Station