Hard Cover Binding & Printing


Minimum order for Hard Cover is 10pcs book or RM350 (total charges excluding print cost)

Hard Cover Material & Technique

  • ACROLIN- This is the standard material used by students, government, companies and others.
  • BUCKRAM - This material offer extra thicker and another expensive & amazing option but the price is also higher.
  • We ENGRAVE the hardcover for perfect and amazing result!! The traditional way of digital hot stamping on hard cover is giving poor result sometimes and only for short-term duration!

Hard Cover Binding & Engraving!!

  • No Minimum Order!!

  • Contract Binding

  • Green Color

  • Sea Blue

  • Black Color

  • Red Color

  • Hardcover A1 Plan - Screw

  • Formal Document

Material - Acrolin (Standard)

Material - Buckram (A)

Material - Buckram (B)

How to Make the Order?

Side Spine
Side Spine The Side Spine (Tulang Sisi) of the hardcover is optional.
  • Choose the available Material & Color from the above image(s). Normally, the standard material is Acrolin. The Standard Color is Black, Dark Blue, Green and Red. But if you are in need for specific color then please check the Color Code from the above image and inform us.
  • Ensure that you have sent to us the design of the 1. Front Page (muka depan) and the 2. Side Spine (tulang sisi) of the hard cover. Send it by email or bring the hard copy to our shop. The Side Spine (Tulang Sisi) is optional.
  • You can print the content of the document by your own or print it at our shop.
  • The hard cover binding and engraving will takes 5 to 7 days to complete. Please take note.
  • Minimum order for Hard Cover is 10pcs book or at least RM350 (total charges excluding print cost)

The Importance of Hard Cover

Hard Cover can be used by many people for some specific purposes. Students always need the hard cover for their thesis or final year report submission, while professional personnel wil need the hard cover for bookbinding their reference books, formal document, project submission, contract documents. Meanwhile the some business people will need the hardcover on their book for selling it or for the purpose of marketing.