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Sticker Design, Print, Cut & Install

Type of Sticker (Basic Type)

Why use Sticker?

Stickers are one of the most effective and versatile marketing tools that have been used everywhere. It can be used in many different ways. So it is important for you to know all the sticker type and how can you use them for your business or for your individual purpose. We will explain you in details all this in the next paragraph. Please contact us if you are unsure which sticker to use.

1.Die-Cut Mirrorkote (Product) Sticker

Die-Cut (Mirrorkote) Sticker is cut precisely to your design. This type of sticker is using material named mirrorkote and this sticker is used mainly as label sticker for products or services and other marketing purposes. With die-cutting you can have a custom shape design for your sticker and the die-cutting machine will do the cutting into the desired shape.

2. Mesh Sticker - Glass Panel or Surface only.

Mesh Sticker is purposely used on glass panel only, it is so popular and has been used everywhere! Why so special? What so good about this mesh sticker? Well, if you look on the above images of mesh sticker, you will notice something, from inside of the shop you can see the outside view, which means you can see through the sticker clearly (it's like transparent), but people from outside can't see through the inside view through the sticker, it is half transparent. Another alternative for mesh sticker is Transparent Sticker.

3. Transparent Sticker for Die Cut & Glass Panel

Transparent Sticker is only used on glass panel or surface and as its name suggest, people can see-through the sticker on the glass. There is two (2) usage for transparent sticker as shown in images above. One is for glass panel such as door and wall-glass. Another usage is to use it as die-cut sticker for your product and stick the transparent sticker on the transparent bottle, transparent box or any transparent material. Another alternative for transparent sticker is Mesh Sticker.

4. Wall Sticker

Wall Sticker is one of the famous marketing and advertising option. It is everywhere in the shopping mall or complex, restaurant, shops, school & college and everywhere! Even you can get the wall sticker and stick it on the wall in your home. Why not, put some learning and education graphic for your kids or even some nice cartoon photo(s) of their favourite ones. The good thing about our wall sticker is we can add matt lamination finishing should you want to use it for outdoor area and the price we offer is very affordable! If you want the sticker to be placed or sticked on thick surface or material, then you can choose either PVC, PP Board or Foamboard material, see below.

5. Sticker on PVC, Foamboard, PP Board, Poly

This kind of sticker is just like the Wall Sticker, but in addition we add a structure and stick the sticker on this structure or material. The structure or material referred here can be either PVC, PP Board, Polycarbonate or Foamboard. The thicker material are PVC and Polycarbonate. The intermediate thick (not so thick) is PP Board. The soft material is foamboard where people use it as the mock-up cheque. Which material should you choose is depending on i) weight (not too heavy to carry) and ii) Is it for long-term and hard use?

6. Backlit Sticker

Backlit Sticker is typically one that is placed in front of a light source. When the light is turned ON, it will shine through and illuminate whatever may be printed on the sign. See the images above show how we print and install the BACKLIT STICKER on White Acrylic for LED Directory Signage. Well, if you see the signage with light in restaurant, shops, mall or anywhere then they are actually using any of this (2) two material which either i) Backlit Sticker or ii) Tarpaulin Banner.

7. Label Sticker (Instant)

Label Sticker is a quick and cheap solution for your product labeling. It comes with different size (see picture below). It also has a ready made cartoon design which is for kids sticker's name. The cartoon sticker is available in two (2) size which are 9mm x 22mm and 13mm x 28mm. Besides, for size 25mm x 45mm and 30mm x 70mm, there are three (3) special color available which are GOLD, SILVER and RAINBOW colour. The label sticker can only print black color without image, that's why it is cheaper and quick when printing. If you are looking for the lowest cost sticker for your products, then choose and order this one. Contact us through whatsapp 013-363 4002.

Label Sticker is Cheap and Instant Print!
Label Sticker is Cheap and Instant Print!