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We don't do Heatpress for T-Shirt anymore!! Only Silkscreen & Embroidery only!! Sorry for any incovenience caused!!

In-House T-Shirt Printing Collection!!

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What are Silkscreen and Heatpress Printing?

The process of transferring the Inks to t-Shirt surface. So, the inks will be absorbed permanently to fabric. It can be rubber silkscreen, oil-based and water-based.

The process of transferring the DESIGN material (an object) to T-Shirt surface. The DESIGN material referred here can be; VINLY paper, DARK paper, and PU paper. These three (3) are our common selection.

Understand Silkscreen & Heatpress Techniques...
Understand Silkscreen & Heatpress Techniques...

Why Choose Heatpress or Silkscreen Printing

Cheaper than Heatpress, higher quality than heatpress, offers long-term quality but it takes longer time to print and need at least 10 pieces of Minimum Order. Normal queue is 7 to 12 days. For Urgent Printing need 4-7 Days with additional charges.

No minimum order. Print 1 piece also can. Can do Instant 1 Day Printing for less than 5 pieces of T-Shirts. Price is a little bit higher for Instant t-shirt printing. People choose Heatpress because there is no minimum order.

How Much are Silkscreen and Heatpress Printing?

More quantity of t-shirt, more money you save. Silkscreen is the best option for bulk order (large quantity). Simple round neck cotton T-shirts with simple design at the front and back will cost RM23 per 1pc only. This price is for normal queue 7 to 12 days. For Urgent printing, there is additional more charges.

A little bit more expensive than Silkscreen Printing because the cost of Vinyl Paper, Pu Paper or Dark Paper, and also because of the instant printing service. If you need Instant 1 day or within 3 days, then the available option is Heat Press Printing!! But please ensure you design is ready.

Summary & Recommendation

No, it needs at least 7 days for normal queue. Urgent printing is also possible but it needs 4 to 7 days.

Silkscreen printing offers more durable (long-term) quality. Price is cheaper. If you plan to print your t-shirt for your company, events and the quantity is more than 10 pieces of t-shirt, then just choose the silkscreen printing.

Yes, there are three (3) conditions for this.

1. Print a Vinly Paper (Words only) on your t-Shirt, means you have to bring your own t-Shirt.

2. Print a Dark Paper (Image/photo) on your t-Shirt, means you have to bring your own t-Shirt. Dark Paper quality is low. Please take note that, for long-term quality of Image/Photo printing on t-shirt, then choose PU Paper instead of Dark Paper (PU Paper needs 3 days).

3. Print either Vinly Paper or Dark Paper on any available t-shirt that we have in-stock.


As clearly mention above, we can print your t-shirt in 1 day or within 3 days, but you either have to bring your own t-shirt or use any available t-shirt that we currently have. Please also accept that the price for instant t-shirt printing is higher than the silkscreen printing.

Tips for Effective T-Shirt Design

  • Know the objective of wearing your T-Shirts.. Is it for marketing of your product or services? Is it for an event or activity? Is it to express your love or happiness? Is it to support your favourite sport club? Is it to express disappoinment? Is it for a gift to others? Is it to appreciate your staff or team?
  • Go to Google and find some idea or concept that related to your objective above. Get some example first and then give your new or enhanced idea.
  • Decide where to print your design? Front only? or Front and Back of the T-Shirt? Side arm? Remember if you print on this three different angels Front, Back and Side Arm then the Price is increased. Normally, the T-Shirt price is according to the Size of all design.. Is it all A4 Size, A5 Size or A3 Size? Cost for A3 design Size is a little bit more than A4 and A5 design size.. So, don't put too many things or design for saving cost..
  • Use your Imagination, what people might think if they see your Tshirt. Will they feel attracted? Happy? Laugh? Agree with the message on your T-Shirt? Disagree? Get angry due to provocation? Don't to do the later one please.. :)
  • Keep the design Simple and easy to read & view by others..
  • Colour selection is very important for your T-Shirts! Don't use too many colors!
  • For Marketing purpose of your product or service, use powerful words like.. Fast T-shirts! Cheap Tshirt! Tudung Murah! T-Shirt Murah!
  • Don't use sensitive words or images related to sex or pornography, racism, religious provocation, too much criticism...
  • Prepare the artwork of the T-Shirt properly using the best software like Adobe Ilustrator..
  • Search over the Internet. The search result will display the image with good SEO result, which means the design is popular! Learn more about SEO Tips for your business here.
  • Ensure the T-shirt is going to be printed with good Printer..
  • It is better for you to know where is the pyhsical location of the Printing shop.. It is because some people used to get cheated when they order online.. But not all..

We don't do Heatpress for T-Shirt anymore!! Only Silkscreen & Embroidery only!! Sorry for any incovenience caused!!

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