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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What good is a great-looking looking Web site if your target audience cannot find it?? Attractive Web design? Responsive view on mobile? and great contents? Having all this doesn't mean that your site can appear effectively on search engine result like Google, Yahoo, Bing or others.. Having a great Web site simply is not enough.. In order to appear alongside your competition in the search-engine-results, then your website must be search-engine friendly which means the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques must be implemented and applied. Hundred of millions of people use search engines every day to find relevant information online just like you right? Every minute, thousand of searches entered or made by user and thus it's really a big miss if we don't take the opportunity to be ranked among the top search-engine-result. So, this article would be useful for you if you are new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and good for increasing your SEO knowledge. I am not an SEO expert but I always research and study the SEO development on the Internet from the International SEO experts.. So far I have completed reading four (4) SEO books written by SEO experts and I think now I have digested most of the techniques... Hope so. In addition, I have applied the SEO techniques to some of Web sites that I developed and the result has been quite impressive! I will compress and summarize them all in a few articles, sharing with all of you.

Why need SEO in your Web site?

  • Nice-looking Web site doesn't help you to get ranked in Search Engine like Google or Yahoo at all!
  • If your Web site does not appear in Google search-result or Yahoo, then you have failed in your Web site.
  • Every day, millions of people all around the world use the Search engine like Google and Yahoo to search for particular information. Only Web sites implemented with SEO techniques would be successfully listed and ranked in the search-engine-results.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key for effective and successful Web site.
  • Statistics have shown that the recent trending of Web sites Creation are now using the SEO techniques. If your Web site don't have it, then you will lose the online market.
  • Some parts of the SEO techniques are not so difficult to implement or maybe you have already implemented a few of them but just you not aware of that.
  • Knowing and understanding of the SEO skills will educate and influence you to write your future or new Web contents with SEO techniques.
  • SEO Techniques work perfectly with Web site.. Not really optimized for online Social Media like Facebook and others.. That's why you need your own Web site with the SEO skills & techniques, and then just link your Web site with your Facebook.

1. Have a Web site.

This is the pre-requisite which you need to have a Web site. Please prepare to get your own website if you haven't had one yet. Get a simple Web site and it is good enough to start. Next, read all the SEO topics in this article, after you have understood then please use this article as your checklist to verify whether your Website developer or programmer has complied with the SEO techniques that you have learned :) How about Blogger and WordPress? Can I just use them without having a Web site? Yes, but it won't be fully optimized! Will discuss and explain in more detail why in later topic... Hence let's me give you an honest suggestion so that your Web site is going to be fully optimized, get a Web site now.

2. Identify the Topics and Do Research.

Get your mouse and keyboard, and then start google on the topics under your interest. Of course, you must have your own product or service to be offered already by now.. but what you mainly should do here is to identify and know which Web sites out there have the same topic under your interest + being ranked on the first page or second page in Google search-result. Do you get what does it mean? For example, if your business is about selling Toner and ink, then go to google.com and then type "Toner ink". Just go through all the results in the first and second page. Copy or remember the Web Site URL Links. Why? Okay good question! The answer is because they are good in SEO techniques, otherwise they won't get ranked on the 1st and 2nd page. Hence, you need to refer to their Web site from to time, and once you have finished reading this article then you would know which SEO Techniques that they had applied in their Web sites. We learn from our competitors.. Competitor can become Friend sometimes.. and Friend can be our Competitor too!!

3. Keyword Generation.

Keyword.. What are the keywords to be used in your Website? What are keywords that your potential customers would enter on the Google-search bar? For example if you are selling Toner & Ink, then most probably the keywords that people would use on the Google search bar are: cheap toner, original toner, remanufactured toner, toner HP CC364A, ink refill, toner online, toner delivery, toner quality and many more.. There are two (2) type of keywords which are 1) Head-term keyword and 2) Tail-term keyword, and will explain in details below. Next, perform Keywords Research & Analysis or Keyword Planner until you have identified your best keywords.. then keep these keywords in an excelsheet. Then, you can start planning how many Web Pages you want to have for your Web site and assign or allocate those keywords identified for each of the page. Keywords Research & Analysis is a mandatory planning. Spend more time on this area...

Alright, what you should do now is to do the Keyword Research & Analysis. There are already some good tools or services available online for Keyword Research & Analysis. For example, Keyworddiscovery.com, wordstream.com, KeyComplete.com, Wordtracker.com, SEMRush and Google Keyword Tool and many more. I am not going to explain in details about these tools as you have to decide your own. But if you asked me which tool that I use? I have been using Google Keyword Tool as it is quite powerful and free. But please explore and research your keywords with other Keyword tools as well. Some tools are even more powerful but it cost money! The good thing about all this tools are they can suggest or recommend you the specific keywords! and also the tools can show you the recent trending of the related keywords being used recently. Example of good keywords for T-shirts are: T-shirt printing, Cetak Baju Murah, Cetak T-shirt, Instant T-shirt Printing, Kedai cetak baju, silkscreen baju, t-shirt murah.

1) Head-term keyword is a keyword with one or two words in length, like toner, cheap toner, quality toner. Whereas the 2) Tail-term keyword is specific keyword with three or more words in length, such as cheap toner cyberjaya, remanufactured toner cyberjaya putrajaya, Cheap and quality toner CC432A. So, here we have to involve in two keyword wars! First is the Head-term keyword's war and use this keyword more for your home page and a few other Web page only. The competition for Head-term keyword is very difficult and challenging.. test the keyword toner in your Google search bar, and the see the millions of results since it is too generic.. However, we still need to compete and start writing your home page content with this Head-term keyword. Repeat it for many times! but remember Google and Yahoo can detect if you are spamming your keywords on your web page content with the same keywords repeteadly, and as a punishment they can impose you a penalty like impose a long-term ban on your web site ranking because of cheating! Don't cheat.. be honest.. Tail-term keyword is what you should focus on every Web Pages, Select specific Tail-term keywords for specific Web Page and Optimize these keywords on those Web Pages. For example if you are selling T-Shirts, then plan to have several pages that explaining each type of the T-Shirts, and then for each of this page, you can have just one or two specific Tail-Term keywords.. Don't put too many Tail-term keywords inside one page. Let's say a Web Page www.tshirtcheap/type/cotton.html might have a tail-term keyword like "tshirt cotton online cheap"! Then, try to repeat these four words (tshirt, cotton, online and cheap) in this page. Use your creativity how you could use these four words again and again and it doesn't need to be in the same order like "tshirt cotton online cheap" but maybe you write a sentence contains "cotton tshirt" and another sentence contains "online cheap" many times.