Flash Stamp - 4 Days


Instant Rubber Stamp for 1 Hour/1 Day is not available at the moment!! Sorry for any incovenience caused!!

Which to Choose? Rubber Stamp, Self-Ink or Flash ?

What is Flash Stamp?

Flash Stamp is a tool that is used to transfer designed images or text to another surface, such as paper. The flash stamp is Pre-ink Stamp or pre-filled stamps, so it can do the stamping right away immediately. It just takes around ~3 to 4 hours for us to make your Flash Stamp. We really suggest you to choose the Flash Stamp for a clean and convenient use. Besides, another type of stamp which is pre-ink is Self Ink Stamp and it takes about 1 Hour to make this Self-Ink Stamp. See picture of Self-ink stamp here..

What are advantages of Flash Stamp?

Flash Stamp is a Pre-ink Stamp which means that you can do the stamping right away or immediately without needing to stamp ink from the stamp pad. In addition, with Flash stamp it gives more Clean, Quality, Sharpen and Clear stamping. Also good for long term. Flash Stamp cover is also useful and important which you should close the stamp surface if not in use, this will provide more protection on stamp surface. If you use Rubber Stamp you need to beware that exposing the Rubber Stamp to heat such as put it directly under the sunlight will cause damage to the rubber surface. Meanwhile, with Flash Stamps you will never has this problem since the Flash Stamp is protected with its cover.. Furthemore you can bring it with you anywhere you go conveniently..

Stamps Price List!!

No more 1 HOUR Rubber Stamp services!!
No more 1 HOUR Rubber Stamp services!! 1 hour rubber stamp service is stopped at the moment.. At least 3 days required for stamps order!!

Self-Ink, Time & Date Stamps!!

One commonly used is the Self-ink Stamp, which is simply a rubber stamp placed in a spring-loaded stamp body which rotates to an internal ink pad after each use. Self-Inking stamps are fast, clean, easy-to-use stamps ideal for rapid, repetitive stamping. Also can be used as Dater's Stamp. For more information on DATE & TIME Stamps, please contact us...

Self-Ink Stamp is Hot Item!!

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