ID Card & Name Tag

Name Tag & ID Card - Need 6 Days!!

We are the supplier of ID Card & Name Tag. We do offer bulk printing of ID cards and Name Tag for school, colleges, companies and for any other purpose. We employ high quality printers for printing your id cards, so that print shows a picture quality that can instantly capture the attention. Please take note that the minimum order is 20pcs. If order less than 20pcs, there is some minimum production charges or cost!

ID Card - Type & Material

  • PVC ID Card - Single Sided Printing
  • PVC ID Card - Double Sided Printing
  • Artcard with plastic holder (Cheap option)

Name Tag - Type, Material & Pricing

Click image to see Pricing
Click image to see Pricing
  • Acrylic Name Tag - Pin & Magnet
  • Metal Name Tag - Magnet only
  • Engrave Name Tag - Pin
  • Standard Name Tag - Pin

We are supplier and maker of NAME TAG & ID CARD in Malaysia. We had supplied many name tag and Id card for our customers especially in KL (kuala lumpur) and Selangor.. If you have any query please contact us immediately.. :)